Guest blogging

We welcome guest bloggers to write about their travel experiences in parts of India that few people visit, or faces of India that few people see.

Please email us at if you would like your article to be published on the Travel Another India blog.

Blog guidelines

·      Please keep the length of your article between 300-500 words.

·      A pictures speaks a thousand words J Make sure you include 3-5 relevant pictures.

·      Keep your description short and crisp. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and think of what you’ll like to hear about.

·      If possible, include a short section on the end on what’s the best way to get to the destination.

·      Please re-read your article to check for grammar and spelling.

·      We have a variety of readers globally. Please be sensitive to different cultures and keep the language simple & easy to understand.

·      We like our readers to know our writers. Please include a short 2-3 line bio about yourself (maximum 50 words).  Feel free to include your blog, if you have one, in this bio.

·      Please be open to minor edits on your article by our blog editor.

·      We will publicize your article on our Facebook page ( Feel free to interact with the comments.

·      Please include a link on your blog, if you have one, to your article on Travel Another India’s blog when it is published, so we can get maximum readership for your writing.

·      If you would like to write about Travel Another India’s work on your blog, please send us a link to the article. We will be happy to share it on our Facebook page and include it on our blog.

·      Most importantly, have fun writing about your travel experiences J


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