Monday, 21 November 2011

Chanderi Ka Chand

For the coming full moon weekend, Travel Another India invites you to Pranpur, a beautiful village with clean cobbled streets and colourful houses. The"click-clack" music from the weavers' loom will welcome you as you enter the village. You'll be amazed at the intricacy of the art. You'll visit Babu Da's place - to make some pots. It looks easy until you give it a try, but it's great fun to say the least!

Stay with us at the Amraee guest house in Pranpur, set beautifully amidst a mango orchard. Amraee, which stands for Am (mangoes) and Raee (Bundelkhandi folk dance), is owned and managed by the residents of Pranpur village. The guest house is built in traditional Bundelkhandi architectural style, but with no compromise on comfort.

Did we tell you we'll be driving up to Chanderi fort to see the full moon?

Chanderi and the sari are synonymous till you get there. Then you discover history in a way no book ever taught you. You can explore Chanderi and all its history, wander in the village where time stands still, ride on a bullock cart and sit by one of the ponds nearby to relax all your taut muscles... or just unwind and relax at Amraee with a book :)

When: 10-11 December, 2011.
Where: Pranpur, Madhya Pradesh. Our trip is Ex-Lalitpur.
How much: Rs 2800 / person, inclusive of accommodation, food and travel for 2 days.
Booking: RSVP here with your contact details, email us at, or call us at +91 88602 23456 or +91 9900 193 873

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