Friday, 27 January 2012

Rockstars...more like cavestars!

As three of the best examples of rock cut architecture and art, Ajanta, Ellora and Pitalkhora stand tall deep and beautiful in our neighbourhood. 

 As promised, black-swan/art2day venture yet again, to bring you to the stories from the proverbial horse's mouth, along with Dr. Pradhan, noted artist and archaeologist and an expert on Ajanta paintings, we take you on a journey like none before.

 On the 10/11/12 February 2012, we travel, to learn, absorb and frankly, ogle at these massive testimonials to human endeavour and dedication. 

 These caves cut and detailed within the rock that forms them, are truly level one rockstars!


 9th Feb 
6 pm - leave (from art2day, Tilak Road, Pune) (overnight stay in Aurangabad)

10th Feb

11th Feb 

12th Feb
(Return to Pune)

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 Shishir on 
+91 98221 32092

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