Wednesday, 25 February 2015


I don't know you too well,
But I'd like to change that.
It isn't the way you dress
Or even the bronze tan you’ve acquired.

Your hair hasn't been washed in ages                              
And your skin has a layer of grime.
But your eyes have that faraway look,
The distant wondering, that I love.
Can you teach me how to have 
A spring in your step, without seeming fake?
And the ease with which you befriend strangers,
Please tell me that's contagious?

You've perfected the skill
Of soaking in the present moment,
Something I've yet to master.
I wonder, what’s your secret?

I can tell from the way you walk
That you've moved beyond mundane questions.
Instead you sit and think of how sheep get to sleep
And whether shepherds are lonely.

You’re always prepared for any situation,
That we have in common.
But the way you let things happen to you without getting in the way,
I’m still to learn.

You hum to the tune of the river,
You hop on the first bus you see;
Favour moonlight over torches
And puppies over humans.

Trying new foods, collecting rocks,
Ignoring the souvenir shops.
Letting cuts heal themselves
And pathways lead you where they will.

I've caught glimpses of you before                                                                                                              
On buses and trains.
You’re familiar, yet not familiar enough.                                                
You always slip away too quickly.

I try to stop being in awe of you
So I can focus on being more like you.
But the train pulls into the station,
The suitcase is unpacked, and you disappear in the shadows.

I know I’ll only see you
When the next ticket is purchased.
Traveller me, I’d really like to know you,
Please don’t play hard to get.

By Mihika Mirchandani


Roshni said...

Love this!

Apurva Oka said...

Kyaa baaat hai !
Kya baat hai wah !

brilliantly written.! wow !
I could see myself there.

Apurva Oka