Friday, 10 May 2013

Summer Holidays!

When we were kids it was a time for reading and mangoes and lazing and running wild and loudly proclaiming how boring it all was! Now it is a time to complain about the heat and hide inside with the air-conditioning on. Or I guess listen to Cliff Richards sing about the Summer Holidays!

This is my first summer in Goa and I wake up each morning curious as to what weather this day will bring. It has not been sweltering like Chennai or dehydrating like Delhi. Each day here seems to be different, weather-wise, and other than a couple of times, the nights have been uniformly cool. And I am grateful for that J.

For those of you who want to escape the heat or just get away for the holidays, here are three suggestions from us. And rather than be verbose as always, I will let the images speak!

Himalaya on Wheels by Travel Another India – holiday packages in partnership with PAGIR in Leh with activities suitable for guests using wheelchairs too.

I thought I was hyperbolic about Ladakh till I received this email “Ladakh is one of my favorite travel destinations in the world. I discourage people from going there because no other place they ever visit will match up to its beauty and serenity” Swati Jain, Bangalore.

Another barren moonscape with vibrant people – explore Spiti with Ecosphere. Get to know how people live and laugh in this rugged terrain as you spend 6 days or more travelling across and staying in homestays at least half of the time. 

The Himalayan Village has 12 cottages with views that defy description. Add the host family and the great food to get one of the most relaxing holidays ever!

How to book?

Get in touch on email:


Call at +91 9900 193 873

         + 91 9923 407 110

All three destinations offer clear night skies to help you prepare for Comet ISON. Coming in November! Watch this space for more updates.

Responsible Tip for the summer
Yes, we cant live without the aircon anymore, but can we set it at ambient temperature rather than at freezing? Do we really need to set it so low that we are covered with blankets in mid-summer?

After the tsunami in Japan, the country as a whole decided to turn up its aircon to 260C. Every hotel, taxi, office complex, mall, etc. turned up their aircon. The astonishing side effect? Sales of shirts went up! Men were going into offices where the temperature was maintained at 180C. So they never took their coats or jackets off. Now suddenly their shirts were being seen and so they had to go shopping first!

Have a great holiday this summer – do share your experience with us – write, snap, doodle – whichever way you are comfortable!

I look forward to hearing back from all of you! Drown me in email - will make my day!

+91 9923 407 110

Many thanks for the pictures to: Gustasp & Jeroo Irani, Ecosphere, The Himalayan Village & Piyush Nangru


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